Crown Studios by Adrienne Over

Hi there! I’m Adrienne, the face behind Crown Studios. I’m a commercial product photographer located in Atlanta, GA. I’m one of those lucky few that had a dream turn reality. I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. What I didn’t know is that the silver-haired girl who wears all black would build a career specializing in bold color. (No really, my entire wardrobe and home decor consists of black and white). The minute I step foot in studio my whole world becomes engulfed in vibrant color, graphic shapes, and sharp shadows. I guess you could say I get the best of both worlds. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with my clients and team to turn ideas into reality. The colorful creative juices are always flowing. You can often find me doodling concepts, pulling swatches, hunting down random props, and creating wacky light modifiers all to achieve THE shot. 

When I'm not creating I’m being hounded for strawberries, belly rubs and snout kisses from my two mini pigs, Penelope and Penley. They’re basically toddlers (pig pics below). You can also find me hiking a mountain, sipping a cocktail or painting another wall in my house black. 

Welcome to my world of color! I’m so happy you’re here. 



cell: 704.689.1749

Lets talk! Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions you have.  

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